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What To Do About Smelly Feet

It’s an embarrassing problem. Smelly feet can make you feel self-conscious. You can’t get comfortable or take your shoes off without worrying that everyone will notice your stinky feet. Have Read More

At-Home Care for Dry Feet

Dry, flaky feet are incredibly common, particularly during the cold, winter months; however, if you find yourself dealing with dry or cracked feet throughout the year, especially around the heels, Read More

Did I Break My Foot?

Whether you took a bad tumble or your child had a rough collision while playing sports, it’s important that you do not just recognize the signs of a broken foot Read More

What To Do About Blisters

Everything from wearing shoes that are a little too loose to increasing the number of miles you run can leave you dealing with painful blisters on your feet. Blisters can Read More

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

The following is information from the Food and Drug Administration regarding updates on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination.  DOWNLOAD Read More

Viewing 81 - 85 out of 171 posts

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